CVT on Pepper Pike Tax Increase Discussion With Chart of What Increase Would Cost

The article below, from today's Chagrin Valley Times, contains information about revenue raising considerations discussed at the City Council Special Council Session held last week (4/8/10). I'd urge residents to read it and ask questions. I continue to hear a belief that there are many residents who are unaware of the City's financial situation and so I'd also respectfully request that you pass on this information also and if you're not sure about some fact or number, please, let me or another member of Council know so we can get you accurate information.

Chagrin Valley Times, "Pepper Pike Eyes Income Tax Increase"

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Jill said...

One cool thing about having a blog where I put these articles? I can respond! While I did say that residents have been telling me that they are willing to pay for services, specifically, what I meant to be referring to, was that residents are saying that in light of a shortfall, they would like to help pay to keep their services. The statements are not always specific about rubbish, and although I'm sure I have mentioned "like garbage?" but I was more generally thinking about the residents who have both written me, called me and in public meetings stated that they would like to contribute to paying for the cost of city services, as a general proposition.