Please Join Me in Extending Condolences

Mayor Marlene Anielski, who is a Republican and is running to fill the Ohio House 17th seat being vacated by Josh Mandel, was the first person from whom I received a written congratulations letter, by snailmail, after I won a seat on Pepper Pike City Council.  Although I've never met her and I am uncertain as to how much we have in common in regard to politics, I was very touched and will always remember that piece of correspondence.  It meant a lot to me and I wrote her back and thanked her for her advice and good wishes.

It is as a mother, however, that I'm extremely saddened to share this news - just absolutely tragic:
The body of the son of Marlene Anielski, the mayor of Walton Hills and a candidate for Ohio’s 17th Senate District, was found dead at Sugarbush Park in Macedonia Thursday afternoon, according to the Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Joseph Anielski was pronounced dead at 4:10 p.m. March 4, according to a Medical Examiner’s Office spokesperson. The cause and manner of death of Anielski, a senior at St. Ignatius High School, is under investigation, the spokesperson said. An autopsy was performed March 5. 
An awful lot has been going on in the world around us - at-large and closer to home. But nothing can compare to the loss of a child, as I imagine it. May he be of blessed memory and my heart and thoughts are with the Mayor and her family and loved ones.


Anastasia said...

I heard about this tonight at the annual Dems dinner from Kelli Perk. She expressed similar sentiments to yours. She said she stopped by the visitation but the line was so long she had to leave to get to the dinner. I'm sure the family was comforted that so many cared enough to show up. It's just tremendously shocking when a young person dies just as they're on the verge of beginning their adult life and fulfilling their promise.

sa said...

The funeral home estimated the attendance at about 1,000. Most people waited 3+ hours. Joe is/was very loved.