Updates on the City Website

Former Council Member Rick Hankins spent nearly four hours with me yesterday and, literally side by side with our laptops, we worked on the City of Pepper Pike website.  It was a lot of fun - and aggravation - but we think similarly and I'm grateful that Rick (who is the head IT guy at the Cleveland branch of the American Red Cross) continues to be so willing to help me work to master the ADX Studio CMS (content management system) that runs the website.  Some of the updates:

1. Scott Newell's bio and photo is now posted (just my photo and contact info is up at the moment);

2. You can see the brochure for the new rubbish collection plan and a list of collection days by street name from a number of locations (i.e., under "For Residents," under "Service Department" and under "Rubbish Collection");

3. You can see the forms & permits (nicely alphabetized I might add - that required going into some html) used by the Building Department from a number of locations (under "For Residents," under "Building Department" and under "Government");

4. There is a new news item about the Orange Schools success in special education efforts;

5. You can see minutes from the Architectural Board Review meetings from a number of locations; and

6. You can see the minutes from the City Council, Road & Safety/Finance Planning Committee and Planning & Zoning Committee meetings as "bump outs" when you hover over "Government-Meetings and Minutes," eliminating the need to hover on Government, and then click on "Meetings and Minutes."

Got more ideas? Can't guarantee what can be implemented, but I definitely want to listen.

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