WVIZ: Pepper Pike Resident's Charter School Success

I had nothing to do with it, but I do feel good being able to say that I know of John Zitzner in part because he lives in the Landerwood neighborhood, where I also live.  However, I feel even better about John's presence in our region because of the amazing contributions he has made to showing people what successful, non-profit charter schools look like and how they - and their students - function and succeed.

Through Facebook, I learned that PBS/WVIZ Ideastream will be broadcasting a program tomorrow on John's venture, Zealous Schools, tomorrow at 3pm. You can hear more about Zealous Schools on this WCPN Sound of Ideas program from a couple of weeks ago and you can read more about E-Prep here and Village Prep (the two current Zealous Schools programs in Cleveland) here.

If the program becomes available to watch on the Internet, I will post a link to it. You can follow Zealous Schools on Twitter (@zealous_schools) and Facebook.

Update: Here's a recent I-Open interview with John.

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