New Stow Council Member Mike Rasor Blogs On Council

Mike Rasor is a third year law school student who ran for and won a seat on the Stow City Council. He maintained a blog, Rasor For Stow, about his experience running for office and winning, and now he is using it to chronicle Stow City Council and his experiences and thoughts as he serves the Stow community. As he wrote in one post just after his win:
I plan to re-launch this Web site in January after my inauguration. Why? Not for campaign purposes, but because Stow residents need to know what’s going on in their city.
So far, Mike seems to be writing in an extremely candid way. As a fellow blogging council member, I am glad to read that and wish him luck.


Paul said...


Thanks for the link to Mike Rasor's blog. I too have received comments suggesting that since I have now assumed the role of a sworn public official, writing to my blog may no longer be appropriate.

My response has been that I understand that there is a difference in being an external critic of a governing body versus being a member of that same body.

I can either paint myself into a 1-4 minority corner and be totally ineffective, or try to get stuff done. I prefer the latter, and it will require less public criticism and more dialog.

But the blog will continue.

Jill said...

I'm with you on that, Paul. And one of the reasons I keep posting links and posts about other elected officials who blog is to show that it is in fact done and spreading. I think the guy is the highest profile example (he is on Macon, GA's city council) but also the city of Seattle's support for blogging council members and then the LA County Supervisor who is really out there publicly on his blog that is written in part by paid staffers!