New Features on the City Website

I have nothing to do with them. But the desire for the Pepper Pike City website to be updated and up-to-date at all times is something that residents have voiced and city personnel involved in the website have heard and so I did see that as of yesterday, at least a couple of things have been added.

1. You can view photos and information on individuals for whom arrest warrants have been issued on behalf of the Pepper Pike Police Department.  Absolutely, if you know someone on their, follow the instructions. And if you are on there and shouldn't be, follow the instructions.

2. The Police Department has posted information about booster seat laws and graduated license rules.

I've had brushes with both of these situations. Someone I worked with in the 1990s lost a grandchild when she was the driver and the child was six years old and sitting in the driver's side seat behind my friend, who was driving, and using a shoulder strap when the grandmother slid on ice in I-90 (some of you may recall we had an absolutely horrendous Christmas Eve one year in the 90s and the highway was shutdown etc.; my friend was driving home from a Christmas play with her two grandkids).  The strap asphyxiated the child.  It was an absolutely tragic accident and the main reason I kept my kids in a booster until they were 8 years old and 80 lbs.  It wasn't the law when I was doing it but there was no good reason not to do it, knowing what could happen if I didn't.

As for the graduated license regulations, I actually did call the Pepper Pike police a couple of years ago when I saw some teenagers in a fancy convertible driving rather recklessly through the Orange High School parking lot and very much not appearing to be four related individuals.  Of course I couldn't know whether they were related or not, or what age they were, but the reckless driving - and music blaring - caused me to at least call in and ask for the situation to be checked out. I wasn't above hoping the kids would get a warning to take it easy.

Please keep the feedback coming and spread the word that there's a new committee in town and I hope to pick up where Rick Hankins, who has graciously agreed to volunteer some time to make the transition smooth, left off.

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