Issues? Have we got Issues!

That's such an old line but I don't always do my best thinking or headline writing at 2:40pm.

Many people have asked me what I've been working on, even before being sworn in.  Here's a sampling of the questions I've been answering. This list is about the questions posed and their relevance, not the answers I've given.

1. Can the city consider cutting down all cottonwood trees because of the white fluff they spread in the springtime? The problem is couched as one related not only to possible allergies (though this has been disputed by some authorities) but more to the property owner's POV, a desecration on the green lawn many residents spend a lot of money to maintain.  The white fluff flies in the air for a couple of months and coats the lawns and plays havoc with gardening upkeep.

2. What is a dedicated street? The City is only responsible, for the most part, for taking care of "dedicated" streets. If a street isn't dedicated, then the City doesn't have an obligation to maintain it.  To dedicate a street, the City must accept the street.  This situation arises these days in relation to planned communities and developments and their agreements/arrangements with the cities in which they reside.

3. When you get a call asking you for a donation related to our Fire or Police Department, who get the money and how much of it do they get? Is it in fact going to our FD and PD people?

4. Do snow removal rules apply only to plows or also to homeowners who may use a shovel or snowblower?

5. What is up with the trash collection change? (this is going to be covered at tonight's meeting)

That's just a sample. What would you like to ask/know/get solved?

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J. Rowsey said...

Jill - Love the blog and all of the content that you keep so up to date. It makes me feel as though I'm there in Pepper Pike.