"Holding Out For Heroes" but no pressure, really - no pressure

I will be "covering up" this post with one immediately after it about something other than me because this blog is really not to showcase me in the way that I think these posts about media coverage do so. 

However, a current article at the Cleveland Scene, called "Holding Out For Heroes," lists a number of relatively young and/or new elected officials in the NE Ohio region who may become very important in the region's growth over the immediate and long-term future.  Here's a list of who is mentioned - I'm the last one - but it's alphabetical.

Who is missing from the list? Who would you knock off?

Disclosure: I know Anastasia Pantsios, the writer, and we are friends, but I had no knowledge of this article and only found it because I saw a link back from the article to this blog when I was reviewing my site traffic information called "referrals."

Lakewood Councilwoman Nickie Antonio

Cleveland City Councilman Anthony Brancatelli

Lakewood Mayor Ed FitzGerald

Stephanie Howse

Cleveland Councilman Jeffrey Johnson

East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton

Chris Ronayne

Cleveland Municipal Judge Michael J. Ryan

Angela Shuckahosee

Congresswoman Betty Sutton

Cuyahoga Common Pleas Judge Joan Synenberg

Curtis L. Thompson II

Pepper Pike Councilwoman Jill Miller Zimon
The prolific writer behind political blog Write Likes She Talks has a chance to back up her punditry as an officeholder. We don't think she'll have too many problems. Zimon has long been an advocate for more women in public office and put her money where her mouth is by running for her local city council last year. We like her ideas for more Internet-friendly government and communication with voters through the web. She's already launched a new blog (jillmillerzimon.blogspot.com) to share her thoughts on civic involvement and her role as a council member.

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